The Profitability Programme is my signature workshop! It’s a fun and informative one day, four-part program, where I break small business down into 16 crucial pieces that all successful owners need to understand, at least a little bit, to be successful.

I love to teach. I’ve also learned that I have a knack for breaking down complicated topics and making them easy to understand. Some accountants who’ve attended workshops now call me when they’re having trouble getting a client to understand something. They ask “what would you do?” “how would you explain this?” The Profitability Programme is very practical and easy to understand and that’s why it is so effective.



Marketing = Sales
Sales = Business
Customer Service = Referrals

To start we look at these three crucial business components and some easy to implement ideas to help you grow your business and your profits.

We also look into the psychological affect paying your bill has on your customers, how it influences referrals and what you can do about it.


financials 101

Sales don’t equal profits!
Increasing sales STILL doesn’t equal profits!
Accounting isn’t just done to file your taxes!
You need to budget for profit.

In this module we look at the most common types of financial statements and a simple way to read them. I will also show you the importance of looking at your financial statements regularly and how to incorporate the information you find into your estimating/pricing process, so your sales really DO equal profits!


income tax essentials

Just how does our tax system work?
Writeoffs are not free!
Difference between corporate and unincorporated business tax

I’m sure learning about income tax has always been at the top of your priority list! Surprisingly, this is one of the most popular parts of the day.

Our income tax system is the most universally misunderstood thing in Canada! As a business owner, you can’t make good business decisions if you don’t understand how the tax system works. Once you have a basic understanding, you’ll see how it applies to your business and that will change the way you make financial decisions.


compliance &
making tough decisions

Compliance for trades is ever-changing. In this module we look at 6 key financial areas of compliance that are often overlooked or misunderstood by business owners.

Tough decisions are just that, tough. No one likes to make them. It’s particularly hard for small business because the people become family. In this section we’ll go through 6 steps to help you proactively make tough decisions when needed.

some specifics

Modules 1 and 3 are approximately two hours long and Modules 2 and 4 are about an hour each. The workshop typically runs from 9am to 4pm with about an hour for lunch. Material can be moved around between modules to produce 4 x 90 minute or 6 x 60 minute modules if you need to schedule them into conference slots or stagger them over a couple days. Nothing is set in stone. Let me know what you need and I’ll work it out.

If you want to book both The Profitability Programme and Profitable Bookkeeping I suggest scheduling Profitable Bookkeeping first. A number of people typically decide during the bookkeeping workshop that they’d like to come back the following day for The Profitability Programme.

If multiple workshops are booked together, the cost per day cost is less.

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I can’t believe how much I learned in one day! I can’t believe how much I didn’t learn on my own in 20 years!

~ Home Builder, Alberta

Ahhhh! It’s all coming together now! I have a BComm and I learned more about running a business from you in one day than I did in three years of accounting at university!

~ Small Business Owner, Manitoba

If I had taken your workshop two years ago, I think I could’ve saved my last business!

~ Contractor, Alberta